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December 2-6, 2020
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Kamal Mezian

Czech Republic

Kamal Mezian is assistant professor at the First Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Prague, Czech Republic. He is a specialist, UEMS-Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He has finished medical training (2009) and residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (2014). His main area of interest is musculoskeletal ultrasonography. He has delivered lectures on this topic at national and international meetings.

He has authored 26 publications in various international journals indexed by SCI/SCI-Exp. He is also a reviewer for 6international journals indexed by SCI/SCI-Exp.

Editorial board member

Rehabilitace a fyzikální lékařství (official journal of The Czech Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine).

He is a member of the executive committee of the Czech Society of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine.